Touching your Spiritual Toes

by Alyson Browning in Blog

Have you ever felt like the lady in the picture? And no, I don’t mean ridiculous. I mean out of shape. It’s obvious that she’s well equipped with her athletic kicks, color coordinated tracksuit, and snazzy sweatband, but based on her facial expression, there is something going on below the surface that is keeping her from achieving her goal, which in this case is simply touching her toes. And I might add that she seems quite anguished about it.

Now on a more serious note, sometimes as believers we put on our spiritual tracksuit, tennis shoes, and sweatbands, which could be whatever you use to make yourself appear more spiritual without actually doing the hard work that will enable you to build and stretch your muscles, making you flexible enough touch your spiritual toes.

But to be fair, many of us resort to simply looking the part because we aren’t sure where we actually are in our spiritual health. Are you just getting started, are you ready to coach someone else, or are you somewhere in between? There is no wrong answer, but you should know the answer so you can grow.

Take our free spiritual health assessment to find out where you land and how you can improve. But just like in physical health, getting a rough idea of where you are in your spiritual health is only going to give you information. It’s up to you to put in the hard work to grow in your faith and take the next step in your spiritual journey.

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