Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am already very busy. When am I going to have time to be involved in discipleship or LifeCoach?
The purpose of the program is to bring more structure and intentionality into the discipleship process, not necessarily more time. In fact, if a person follows the LifeCoach process, he will probably save time in the long run because he will :

a.) have a more accurate assessment of his own spiritual strengths and weaknesses,
b.) have guidance, encouragement, and accountability from a coach, and
c.) be able to train in a more focused and efficient manner rather than training in a random and haphazard way.

2. Do I need a coach to participate in LifeCoach?
While coaches are very helpful and certainly the preferred route, they are not absolutely necessary for training to take place. The program is available (and still very beneficial) for those without a coach. Just follow the steps outlined in app as best as possible.

3. Do I have to be “assigned” to a coach, or can I seek out someone that I want to coach me?
We encourage you to seek out someone who you think would be a good fit as a coach. In order for their app to be linked to yours, however, they will have already needed to complete the 10-week program themselves. Keep in mind that close friends are not always the best mentors. Sometimes it’s good to have someone who is not a peer that can come into our lives and challenge us in ways that our closest friends could not.

4. Can a person have a coach relationship with someone of the opposite sex?
At the core of a coach relationship is a high degree of trust, intimacy, and willingness to share our lives with another individual. Since such a relationship is most appropriately pursued with members of the same sex, we have structured the LifeCoach: Discipleship process so that only men disciple men and only women disciple women.

5. Does my coach have to be older than me?
Not at all. In fact, one of the biggest misconceptions people have is that the coach must always be significantly older. Now, of course, it usually works out that way because older believers tend to have had more experience and wisdom walking with the Lord. And you may be more comfortable with an older coach. However, we need to be open to the possibility of being coached by someone roughly our own age (or even younger) if they have the maturity and wisdom in Christ to do so.

6. Where can I get more LifeCoach materials and information or ask questions about the LifeCoach app?
Visit our website at or email us at The LifeCoach: Discipleship Workbook is available for purchase on