How it Works

Now that you have your account set up, you’re ready to begin. Here are a few things to help you navigate the incredible features of LifeCoach Discipleship:

Link with a LifeCoach. When you set up your account, there’s an area where you can input the email address of the LifeCoach that you want to walk with you through this journey. They will be able to keep track of your progress, keep you accountable to stay consistent, view your responses, and help you find the answers to your questions. Once you receive their email address, click your profile button and enter their email address in the space provided. Once you hit “update” you’ll be connected! NOTE: We are currently unable to assign coaches to you. This ministry was built primarily to connect you with a coach you already know and to teach you to become a LifeCoach yourself.

Update your profile. Update your profile with your own photo. This will allow your LifeCoach and/or anyone in your group to see who is chatting.

Weekly View. You can see the ten areas we’ll be growing in throughout this journey together. If you would like a synopsis of each of the daily lessons in each week, simply scroll down on this page to view the table of contents.

Daily View. After you click on the week, you’ll be taken to the daily view page. Select the day you have yet to complete.

Lesson View. Each day, you’ll find a video as well as a devotional and two to three questions to help you dig deeper or process what you’re learning.

Save and Submit Button. Once you click “Save and Submit,” your responses will be stored so that you can review them later. Your responses will also be sent to your LifeCoach. He or she will receive a push notification that you have finished your daily lesson for that day so they can view the responses to the questions you just answered and answer any questions you might have.

Unlock Features. Once you complete all five days in week 1, week 2 will automatically unlock. After you finish week 10, you have the option of switching your app from participant mode to coach mode to allow you to start being a LifeCoach disciple maker for others.

Settings. Customize your viewing experience by changing the size of your font (larger or smaller) as well as invert the text color for nighttime reading.

Email. Email your LifeCoach directly by tapping the envelope icon on the menu bar.

Chat. The chat button is on the far right of the menu bar. Use this feature to have a conversation with your LifeCoach AND everyone else your LifeCoach is currently discipling. This allows everyone in your group to be a part of the conversation. You can use this feature to discuss what you’re learning, ask questions, or to decide when and where your next face-to-face meeting will take place.

Information. If at any time you want to view this page again, just tap the “i” icon on the menu bar for information, and you’ll be directed back here.

If you have any questions we can help you with, or if you would like to order a campaign kit for your church or small group to do LifeCoach: Discipleship together, email us at